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Violence of the Skies CD Digipak out 26.3.21


Official Release Date: 26.03.2021

Track List
1. Stars Are My Guide
2. The Uprising
3. The Violence of The Skies
4. Valley of Darkness
5. Warriors of Time (feat. Vladimir Djedovic and Mladen Pecovic)
6. Innocent
7. Put To The Sword (feat. Paul Quinn)
8. The Cold Surface of The Moon
9. I’ll Live Again
10. The Storm Kings (feat. Tom Draper)
11. The Huntress (CD Bonus Track)
12. Prophecies (CD Bonus Track)

Primitai’s album “Violence of The Skies” is a culmination of the growing achievements and team spirit of the band in recent years which saw their most extensive touring yet, conquering of new territories, and signing with Rock of Angels Records. With their increasing confidence the band has pushed their classic metal influenced sound to the boundaries with power and progressive metal, much like bands such as Savatage or Queensryche did upon taking the torch from Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. The sci-fi feel of the atmospheric synth and orchestral scoring complements the album’s space themed concept – a story about escaping the end of the world, seeking new victories and facing unknown dangers. Uptempo tracks like “Stars Are My Guide”, “Warriors of Time” and “The Uprising” convey the excitement of new beginnings, while the melodic “Valley of Darkness” and “The Violence of The Skies” express the loneliness of leaving everything behind. The whole album is a musical journey and exercise in versaitility, ranging from long epics like “The Storm Kings” to compact hard-hitters like “I’ll Live Again”. With concerts off in 2020, Primitai instead celebrated their musical friendships with guest appearances from several esteemed musicians. Paul Quinn of SAXON, a huge personal influence and one of those guitarists who’s riffs pioneered heavy metal itself in the late 70s/early 80s, lays down a fine solo on “Put To The Sword”. US based former guitarist Tom Draper guests on The Storm Kings – his enduring friendship and team player attitude makes it no surprise to see him now hired by CARCASS. Virtuousos Mladen Pecovic and Vladimir Djedovic had first joined Primitai at an open air festival in Serbia and their instant chemistry inspired Primitai to invite them to record guitar solos and keyboards for “Warriors of Time”. Longtime Spanish co-lead guitarist Sergio Giron was still able to contribute his guitar acrobatics and musical ideas to the album despite the pandemic, and will continue to guest with the band when conditions allow. In addition to these collaborations, several highly regarded figures in music production played an important role in the album. Tom Keech, who engineered all previous album recordings, oversaw production and mixing. The rhythm section was captured live at Middlefarm Studios with producer Pete Miles, and guitars were re-amped with amp guru Lasse Lammert’s (ALESTORM, GLORYHAMMER) wall of Marshall and EVH amplifiers. Mastering was handled by multi Grammy winning engineer Alan Douches (MOTORHEAD, MASTODON) at West West Side Music, and the striking cover art was designed by Stan W Decker (MEGADETH, DRAGONFORCE).